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Kenya: Halt Crackdown on Somalis, Thousands Arrested, Almost 100 Deported

Number of View :1279Share(Nairobi, April 11, 2014) – Kenyan police and other security agencies should stop arbitrary arrests and detentions, extortion, and other abuses against Somalis

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Saudi Arabia: 12,000 Somalis Expelled

Number of View :1673ShareSaudi Arabia: 12,000 Somalis Expelled Mass Deportations without Considering Refugee Claims (Nairobi, February 18, 2014) – Saudi authorities have deported more than

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Hassan Sheikh jets back from Turkey
- Feb 16, 2014
Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamuud has returned back to Mogadishu on Sunday after concluding a week visit in Turkey. This had end rumours that the president was in Turkey on medical ...
Valentine’s trip cut to tragedy
- Feb 16, 2014
lovers planned for valentine day ended on tragic. This had stop couple’s grand valentine’s plan. couple enjoying a blossoming romance and planning for their future together had their lives cut short ...
News from Somalia : Unusual scene in Mogadishu
- Feb 15, 2014
A Somali soldier was shot to death inside a car in Mogadishu by arm men. detectives say that the motive is unclear at this time and that they do not ...
Listen :Somali government runnig out of cash crunch.
- Feb 14, 2014
Somali Government running out of cash- flow. The government of somalia government is running out of cash crunch source within the government comfirms. The government is under what was described ...
Muslim leaders disregard valentine day + Video
- Feb 14, 2014
World valentine day is celebrated on 14 of every February . it is a festival of love and many people show of this day their love by giving out cards, ...
Somalia: Women Shouldn’t Live in Fear of Rape
- Feb 14, 2014
New Cabinet Should Implement 5-Point Plan To Curtail Sexual Violence (Nairobi, February 13, 2014) – Somalia’s new cabinet should urgently adopt meaningful reforms to confront rampant sexual violence, Human Rights Watch ...
Al shaabab still operating in Mogadishu
- Feb 13, 2014
Al-Shabab insurgents still operating Somali capital, Mogadishu, insecurity in the city has continued, as evidenced by the targeted killing and a bomb blast in the past week. However, many of the ...
A planted car bomb exploded near Mogadishu Airport
- Feb 13, 2014
Seven people were killed when a car bomb exploded near the entrance of Mogadishu’s heavily-guarded international airport where many foreign diplomats are based, police said. Armed group al-Shabaab comfirmed that they ...

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